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Party Central!

Doing the Spy Thing

Lewis continues to do "the spy thing," investigating anyone the government tells him to look in to, even to his boss' daughter. He went over to visit with his boss and when she was visited by her next door neighbor, Lewis' own sister-in-law, he found his opportunity to chat with his boss' daughter. Turns out the government just wanted to make sure she wasn't a liability to his boss and she came up clean.

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Outtakes and Other Assorted Stuff

So, these are pictures I'd grabbed for the last chapter ("Emory Comes Into His Own"), but the chapter was already getting hugely long, so I figured I'd post these as their own thing.

This first picture actually has nothing at all to do with the Wolffs. This is from my Diobhell game, but since I'm not blogging that house at all, I wanted to share this here:
Interesting Name

I guess this maid's parents were expecting a boy and refused to change the name they'd picked out for their child? Either that or that's the best darn cross-dresser I've seen in TS3 yet.
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Emory Comes Into His Own

Emory Makeover

The clean-cut Ricky Schroeder look wasn't going to work for Emory. His big love is still art and he chose a look that he felt would reflect that.



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Emory's Childhood


Gonna start off with one of the cutest interactions I've come across to date in TS3. He just autonomously cuddled his teddy bear and I nearly melted. :-D Such a sweetie!
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Married Life is Bliss

After their wedding, the couple discussed whose house they would live in. Madison loved the wide open lands of her parent's home, while Lewis loved the clean modern lines and rich accoutrements of his family home. Mady asked her siblings if either of them wanted to move into the Doe household, but they had already become comfortable with their new homes and didn't want to uproot themselves again.

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Wedding and a Funeral ... sort of

Giselle's Home

Madison didn't want to tell her siblings over the phone about her upcoming wedding, so she paid them each a visit. First up was her big sister, Giselle. She lives in a cute little one bedroom home with a white picket fence. Trying to keep up appearances, I think. *nods knowingly*
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Life Continues


Artistic type that she is, Madison pours her feelings out in her paintings and her music. I absolutely loved this painting of a chipmonk that she did, unfortunately, when she moved out of this house, the painting somehow didn't come with her. :-( And on the wall next to her, you can see the painting she did of the house across the bay. Not that you can actually TELL that's what the painting is, stupid TS3 abtracting painting cr@p. *grumbles*
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Summer Fun

The girls enjoy the last of the summer warmth, playing in the sprinklers, shortly before Giselle moves out.

"Before you kick her out, you mean."

Semantics. She leaves the house.

"And it turns out she didn't have to! Since I don't stay, you could have left her here."

Yeah, but I didn't know that at the time. Who knew you were gonna land yourself a rich sugardaddy and move to his fancy pad.

"I've always loved that house, you know..."

I know. It's too bad the painting you did of it as a teen didn't come out well. So, anyway, Giselle and Madison play one last time together. Shortly after this, the young adult heads off to live her own life.
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Zipping Ahead


Brynn goes all out in her eco-friendly nature, so the household is all vegetarian and there are no cars owned on this lot! Fortunately, the Doe clan is in good shape.

What clan, you ask? Why, I'm glad you asked!
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Introducing Brynn Doe

A word of warning to those of you foolish enough to read this. ;) I will make NO promises of any type of consistency in the narrative voice. Sometimes it'll be straight narration, sometimes my Sims will talk back to me, and sometimes they'll do all the talking or writing in a journal. Pretty much whatever mood I'm in on the day I write, that's what narrative style that particular chapter will be written in. There. Now you've all been warned. (And sometimes, like with this paragraph, it'll be darn near stream of consciousness.)

Oh and there will be a few pictures that will be kind of fuzzy. The first... 10, maybe 15 pictures (and Picture #1 here is out of order and not one of those, but I liked it for my intro shot), I didn't realize my graphics program was saving them as low-quality .gifs instead of high-quality .jpgs. Okay, now I think warnings are all done. I think...

Brynn Doe

Meet Brynn Doe, a young adult new to Sunset Valley. Brynn is a Vegetarian who Loves the Outdoors and has an amazing Green Thumb. She's also kind of Clumsy and has occassional Neurotic outbursts. But all in all, she's a sweet girl. (And other than changing her hair color, giving her freckles, and then adding make-up and better clothes, this is exactly what she looked like coming out of CAS. Not bad, eh?)

"Hey, thanks! I've always been rather happy with my looks too."

Welcome! After the images we'd seen from EAxis, I was really worried what my Sims would look like, but you've helped ease my mind.
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